Why get an insurance appraisal?

Don't risk significant financial loss if your jewelry or watches go missing or are stolen. Let us provide you with an accurate appraisal report reflecting the current market replacement value of your valuables. We recommend updating your appraisal every three to seven years due to fluctuations in the value of gemstones, jewelry, and watches over time.

The complexity of the jewelry and the time and expertise required determine the appraisal process. Our appraisals are done by appointment only. Every item purchased at E.D. Marshall Jewelers comes with a free lifetime appraisal.

Here's what's included:

  • Full Cleaning
  • Recommended Repairs Inspection
  • Thorough Piece Evaluation
  • Detailed Market Value Appraisal
I'm Interested In An Appraisal
Items can be dropped off & picked up at our satellite stores, but appraisals are performed at our Scottsdale Store.