Edmund Marshall - Founder of E.D. Marshall Jewelers

Since 1971, E.D. Marshall Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona, has earned a distinctive reputation for providing clients with Arizona’s largest selection of GIA-certified diamonds, ranging from classic round cuts to modern princess cuts and vintage oval shapes.Our inventory consists of the finest diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, as well as South Sea pearls, estate jewelry, new and pre-owned luxury watches, and original designs.

With a team of full-time custom jewelers on site, we have manufactured original fine jewelry designs for retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Sakowitz, Marshall Field, Capriccio Fine Jewelry, and several other exquisite specialty stores throughout the United States for over 50 years. Whether you're looking to buy a beautiful piece from our jewelry collection or want to sell diamonds, jewelry, or your old watch, we always offer our clients the best value.

In 1995, a growing clientele and demand for Edmund Marshall’s exclusive jewelry designs and fine craftsmanship led to the opening of E.D. Marshall Jewelers on Scottsdale Road, just south of Shea Boulevard.

From the beginning, Edmund Marshall established very high standards for quality and service. With our professional buyers on site, we encourage the public to visit our store when planning to sell their fine jewelry, watches, coins, militaria, and collectibles. Whether buying or selling, we are committed to providing exceptional value and customer service.

Nearly 50 years after it was founded, E.D. Marshall Jewelers has five locations and continues to thrive as one of the leading jewelry retailers in Arizona. The beautiful showrooms continue to display the tradition of manufacturing original fine jewelry designs with an emphasis on perfection of craftsmanship. The selection of jewelry, diamonds, South Sea pearls, watches, and gems is simply unequaled anywhere in Arizona.